NDDC Scholarship Past Questions And Answers-Law


Updated nddc Scholarship Law Test Past Questions and Answer will help you prepare faster and smarter for the nddc Scholarship. Got shortlisted with few days or hours left to prepare? this pack will give you the insight you need to ace the tests and improve your chance of passing the test.

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NDDC Scholarship Past Questions And Answers-Law

Download the NDDC Scholarship Law Test Past Questions Practice Pack from this page in PDF format. The NDDC Scholarship test past questions pack makes your preparation easier and much better. Featuring questions from previous assessments as well as solutions to these questions.

About NDDC Nigeria

The Niger Delta Development Commission is a federal government agency established by Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo in the year 2000 with the sole mandate of developing the oil-rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

  • About The NDDC Scholarship 

  • The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Scholarship is a program initiated by the Nigerian government to provide educational opportunities for students from the Niger Delta region. The Niger Delta region is known for its significant oil and gas reserves, but it has also faced numerous socio-economic challenges. One of the ways the government aims to address these challenges is by offering scholarships to qualified students from the region to pursue higher education overseas.
  • The amount for the foreign scholarship shall be based on the prevailing exchange rate of the Naira.Current Application Closing Date is 3rd November, 2023.

    Application Procedure

  • 1.The following documents must be attached to the application:
    2.Recent passport photograph
    3.Local Government Identification Letter
    4.Post Graduate admission letter from a recognized overseas university
    Relevant degrees from recognized universities
    5.NYSC Discharge/Exemption Certificate
    6.Upon successful completion of the application form, a registration number will be automatically assigned.
    7.Applicants are advised to print a hard copy of the online-generated acknowledgment for future reference.
    8.All shortlisted applicants will be announced and posted on the NDDC website: These shortlisted candidates will subsequently be required to take part in a Computer-Based Test (CBT).
  • Eligibility

    To be eligible for the scholarship, a scholar must hail from the Niger Delta Region and have achieved a First Class Degree, Second Class Upper, or Lower Division.

  • The Selection Process

  • 1. Initial Application: Interested candidates must submit an online application via the Commission’s Website.
    2. Preliminary Shortlisting: Candidates will be shortlisted based on the following criteria:
    WASSCE/NECO results
    3. Undergraduate Degree classification (1st Class, Second Class Upper/Lower)
    4. Local Government Identification
    5. Computer-Based Test: Shortlisted candidates will undergo a computer-based test conducted by our consultants in Rivers State.
    6. Minimum Test Score: Candidates must achieve a minimum score of 70% in the test to proceed to the next stage.
    7. Further Shortlisting: Candidates who successfully pass the test will be further shortlisted.
    8. Final Verification: The final verification of the candidates will be done through the Local Government Area (LGA) and Community Development Committee (CDC).

About the NDDC Scholarship test format

NDDC overseas scholarship test was conducted by Cinfores-Ltd, between 2010 and 2015. Since 2016, the tests are now conducted by MEIL (MARG Educational International Limited).

The test usually comprises of 2 sections –

1. General questions which everyone will have to sit, and

2. Discipline-based questions.

For example, candidates in Engineering and Science related disciplines could take a mix of science-based questions like maths, English, physics and chemistry for part 1, then discipline-specific questions for part 2. The  test usually last between 30 to 60 minutes.

  • Sample Past Questions And Answers for NDDC Scholarship – Law

  • What does the term “Habeas Corpus” refer to in legal terms?
    A A witness’s sworn written testimony
    B A legal action to challenge unlawful detention
    C A type of legal contract
    D A formal request for a judge’s recusal
    Answer: B A legal action to challenge unlawful detentionWhich branch of law deals with disputes between individuals or organizations?
    A Criminal law
    B Constitutional law
    C Civil law
    D Administrative law
    Answer: C Civil lawWhat is the highest court in the United States?
    A Federal Court of Appeals
    B Supreme Court
    C District Court
    D Circuit Court
    Answer: B Supreme CourtWhich principle holds that similar cases should be decided by applying the same legal principles?
    A Stare decisis
    B Res judicata
    C Habeas corpus
    D Mens rea
    Answer: A Stare decisisWhat is the term for a formal request for a higher court to review and possibly change the decision of a lower court?
    A Appeal
    B Petition
    C Injunction
    D Subpoena
    Answer: A AppealWhich of the following is NOT a fundamental right protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?
    A Freedom of speech
    B Right to bear arms
    C Freedom of religion
    D Freedom of the press
    Answer: B Right to bear armsWhat is the Latin term for “guilty mind,” referring to the mental state of a person committing a crime?
    A Corpus delicti
    B Actus reus
    C Mens rea
    D Prima facie
    Answer: C Mens rea

    Which legal doctrine allows a person to be prosecuted for the same crime in both federal and state courts?
    A Double jeopardy
    B Ex post facto
    C Concurrent jurisdiction
    D Res ipsa loquitur
    Answer: C Concurrent jurisdiction

    What is the process of questioning witnesses under oath before a trial called?
    A Examination-in-chief
    B Cross-examination
    C Direct examination
    D Voir dire
    Answer: C Direct examination

    Which document establishes the framework for the government of the United States?
    A Declaration of Independence
    B Bill of Rights
    C Preamble to the Constitution
    D Articles of Confederation
    Answer: C Preamble to the Constitution

    Which branch of government has the authority to interpret the laws and apply them in individual cases?
    A Executive
    B Legislative
    C Judicial
    D Administrative
    Answer: C Judicial

    What is the term for a written statement made under oath in a court of law?
    A Testimony
    B Affidavit
    C Subpoena
    D Deposition
    Answer: B Affidavit

    In a criminal trial, what is the standard of proof required for a conviction?
    A Beyond a reasonable doubt
    B Preponderance of the evidence
    C Clear and convincing evidence
    D Probable cause
    Answer:A Beyond a reasonable doubt

    Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects citizens from self-incrimination?
    A First Amendment
    B Fourth Amendment
    C Fifth Amendment
    D Eighth Amendment
    Answer: C Fifth Amendment

    What is the legal term for a person who acts on behalf of another and is authorized to make legal decisions for them?
    A Attorney
    B Guardian ad litem
    C Executor
    D Litigant
    Answer: B Guardian ad litem

    Which type of law deals with regulations set by government agencies?
    A Criminal law
    B Administrative law
    C Contract law
    D Tort law
    Answer:B Administrative law

    What is the process by which parties in a dispute attempt to reach a settlement before going to trial?
    A Arbitration
    B Mediation
    C Injunction
    D Deposition
    Answer:B Mediation

    Which legal principle allows a defendant to be released from custody pending trial if they pose no flight risk or danger to the community?
    A Bail
    B Parole
    C Habeas corpus
    D Pro bono
    Answer: A Bail

    What is the legal term for a document that outlines an individual’s wishes regarding medical treatment in the event they become incapacitated?
    A Will
    B Trust
    C Power of attorney
    D Living will
    Answer: D Living will

    In contract law, what is the term for a contract in which one party promises to do something in exchange for something of value from the other party?
    A Unilateral contract
    B Void contract
    C Executed contract
    D Quasi contract
    Answer: A Unilateral contract

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