Nigerian Breweries Aptitude Test Prep past Questions and Answers

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Newly updated Bleweries Aptitude Test past questions & answers.

This study pack contains actual Nigeria Breweries questions compiled from past and recent tests, sure to guarantee your desired success in your job test.

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Nigerian Breweries Aptitude Test Prep past Questions and Answers for 2024

Are you gearing up for the Nigerian Breweries Aptitude Test and aiming for top-tier success? Look no further – our Nigerian Breweries Aptitude Test Prep Past Questions and Answers are meticulously crafted to be your definitive guide on the path to triumph.

About Nigerian Breweries Plc

Nigerian Breweries Plc, the pioneer and largest brewing Company in Nigeria was incorporated in 1946 as “Nigerian Brewery Limited”. In June 1949, the Company recorded a landmark when the first bottle of STAR lager beer rolled out of its Lagos Brewery bottling lines.

In 1957,the company commissioned its second brewery in Aba and the name became “Nigerian Breweries Limited”. This was followed by Kaduna Brewery in 1963 and lbadan Brewery in 1982. Following the coming into effect of the Companies and Allied Matters Act in 1990, the name of the company was changed to “Nigerian Breweries Plc” to reflect its public limited liability status.

In 1993, the Company acquired its fifth brewery in Enugu and in 2003, a sixth brewery (Ama Brewery), sited at Amaeke Ngwo in Enugu State was commissioned. Operations in the old Enugu Brewery were discontinued in 2004 following the completion of Ama Brewery. An ultra­modern malting plant was acquired in Aba in 2008.

In October 2011, the Company acquired majority equity interests in two companies, Sona Systems Associates Business Management Limited (“Sona Systems”), with two breweries in Ota and Kudenda, Kaduna, and Life Breweries Company Limited (“Life Breweries”) with a brewery in Onitsha. Another malting plant (located in the Kudenda, Kaduna Brewery) was acquired as part of the Sona Systems acquisition. Sona Systems and Life Breweries were merged with the Company in the middle of 2012. At the end of 2014, an enlarged Nigerian Breweries Plc emerged from a merger with Consolidated Breweries Plc. Three breweries at lmagbon, near ljebu-Ode, Awo-Omamma, near Owerri and Makurdi were added to the existing eight breweries as a result of the merger. The Onitsha and Makurdi locations were subsequently developed into Distribution Centres.

Why Our Nigerian Breweries Aptitude Test Prep Stands Out:

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  4. Up-to-Date Relevance: Stay ahead of the curve with our regularly updated Nigerian Breweries Aptitude Test Prep. We keep pace with any changes in the test format, ensuring that our material remains current, accurate, and aligned with the latest recruitment trends.
  5. Strategic Time Management: Time is of the essence. Learn and apply efficient time management techniques to optimize your performance. Enhance your ability to navigate through questions swiftly without compromising accuracy.

Nigerian Breweries Plc’s Hiring Process

The breakdown below explains the basic steps:

  • Application: Applicants apply online.
  • Online Test: You may be required to take an online test. If you are successful, you could be invited for a computer-based test or be scheduled for an interview
  • Interview: You will have an onsite interview with the professional manager.
  • Assessment Centre: You will be invited for an assessment day. During this day, there might be interviews, tests, and group activities such as discussion, presentation, and acting out scenarios. The Assessment Centre helps in getting a more accurate perspective of you as a candidate, and if you make a good fit for the company and the relevant position.
  • Nigerian Breweries PLC Test Format

    Nigerian Breweries PLC Aptitude test format may change from time to time but usually contains questions from the following areas. 2019/2020 test will be conducted by Workforce Group.

    1. Numerical Reasoning
    2. Verbal and
    3. Critical 

With this Nigerian Breweries aptitude Test Questions and Answers, you get an idea of what to expect using our compiled practice  questions as well as actual tests from previous years. This test pack comes bundled with:

  • Compiled questions ebook: Instant offline access to practice questions, available in an easy to download PDF format.
  • Study guide with tips on how to solve the questions easier and faster.
  • Extensive online practice: Approach your Nigerian Breweries Test preparation as though you’re sitting down to the actual exam. Boost your preparation with even more full-length practice tests.
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