FCMB Past Questions and Answers

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Updated FCMB Aptitude Test Past Questions 2024 will help you prepare faster and smarter for the FCMB Pre-employment Assessment. Got shortlisted with few days or hours left to prepare? this pack will give you the insight you need to ace the tests and improve your chance of passing the test.

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FCMB Past Questions and Answers for 2024

Prepare for success with (First City Monument Bank) FCMB Past Questions and Answers 2024. Use a comprehensive collection of exam materials meticulously curated to help you excel in your upcoming  FCMB (First City Monument Bank) test. Our extensive FCMB Past Questions and Answers covers a wide range of subjects, providing you with in-depth insights into the format and types of questions you may encounter.

Benefit from the wisdom of previous exams

as we guide you through the intricacies of FCMB’s testing patterns. Whether you’re tackling numerical reasoning, verbal comprehension, or Critical reasoning skills, our past questions and answers offer a strategic advantage in your preparation journey.

About the test format

Currently, FCMB Aptitude test is administered by Workforce Group

  • Workforce Numerical reasoning, and
  • Verbal and Critical reasoning.

Why choose FCMB Past Questions and Answers?

Our FCMB Past Questions and Answers are sourced from reliable and authentic sources, ensuring accuracy and relevance. We understand the importance of thorough preparation, and our resources are designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to tackle any challenge.

Unlock your full potential and enhance your study experience with FCMB Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers. Join countless successful candidates who have used our resources to navigate their exams with confidence and achieve remarkable results.

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About FCMB Nigeria

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Limited is a member of FCMB Group Plc, which is one of the leading financial services institutions in Nigeria with subsidiaries that are market leaders in their respective segments. Having successfully transformed to a retail and commercial banking-led group, FCMB expects to continue to distinguish itself by delivering exceptional services, while enhancing the growth and achievement of the personal and business aspirations of our customers.

Free Sample of FCMB Past Questions and Answers

1. Simplify 52.4 – 5.7 – 3.45 – 1.75
A. 42.1
B. 41.4
C. 42.2
D. 41.5

The correct answer is B.

2. A trader bought goats for N4,000 each. He sold them for N180,000 at a loss of 25%. How many goats did he buy?
A. 50
B. 60
C. 36
D. 45

The correct answer is D.

3. The range of the data k + 2, k – – 1 and k + 6 is
A. 11
B. 10
C. 8
D. 6

The correct answer is B.


4. The probability of a student passing any examination is 32. If the student takes three examinations, what is the probability that he will not pass the exam?
A. 4/9
B. 2/3
C. 1/27
D. 8/27

The correct answer is C.

5. The mean of a set of six numbers is 60. If the mean of the first five is 50, find the sixth number in the set.
A. 95
B. 100
C. 110
D. 105

The correct answer is B.

Verbal Reasoning

Choose the option nearest in meaning to the word(s) or phrase in bold.

1. I cannot understand why Ali should serve in that moribund administration.
A. oppressive
B. prodigal
C. crumbling
D. purposeless

The correct answer is D.


2. The Conference Center caters for transients only.
A. temporary guests
B. professionals
C. permanent guests
D. novices

The correct answer is C.


3. The village girl wore sumptuous clothes.
A. faded-looking
B. cheap
C. expensive
D. loose-fitting


The correct answer is B.

Fill each gap with the most appropriate option from the list provided

4. _________ you come early to the new house, clean up my flat.
A. While
B. By chance
C. Should
D. Should in case

The correct answer is A.


5. This imposing edifice … a fortune to build.
A. had costed
B. have cost
C. costed
D. cost

The correct answer is D.

With this FCMB aptitude Test Questions and Answers, you get an idea of what to expect using our compiled practice  questions as well as actual tests from previous years. This test pack comes bundled with:

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