College Relief Fund Aptitude Test Prep pack

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Newly updated College Relief Fund Aptitude Test past questions & answers.

This study pack contains actual practice questions for the College Relief Fund, compiled from past and recent tests. While these exact questions may not be part of the actual exam, they will certainly give you a good idea of what kind of questions you may see and how to answer them correctly and pass the exam.

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College Relief Fund Aptitude Test Prep


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College Relief Fund Aptitude Test Prep pack 2024

College Relief Fund Aptitude Test Prep questions and Answers come with an ebook containing test questions and also online practice access, where you can practice CRF past aptitude tests on the go.

So many candidates have asked us about the nature of the test. Some applicants do not even have an idea of the process.

Hence, we have carried out in-depth research including direct contact with past candidates that took the test, and created this prep pack for you to access and have a firsthand feel of the actual test to come.

Please note that while some questions may appear in the Actual Test, this practice test is in no way to be regarded as a sample of the main Aptitude Test.

The Practice Test is a compilation of questions that appeared in previous tests, mostly now retired, including some recently updated questions. Please practice with the intention to learn how to solve similar questions, and not expect word-for-word repetitions which may seldom appear.

About College Relief Fund

College Relief Fund has successfully secured funding to help students across Nigeria achieve a stress-free higher education life. The College Relief Fund provides a Need-Based scholarship of up to #500,000 to deserving Nigerian students in all institutions of higher learning backed by multiple international donor organizations.

College Relief Fund Graduate Trainee Aptitude Test Format

College Relief Fund Aptitude test format may change from time to time but usually contains questions from the following areas. The 2019 test will be conducted by Workforce Group.

  1. Quantitative Reasoning
  2. Verbal Reasoning or Use of Language
  3. Current Affairs or General Knowledge


Disclaimer: College Relief Fund is NOT affiliated with MyJobtests or this website.