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Newly updated ASCON Aptitude Test past questions & answers.

This study pack contains actual ASCON questions compiled from past and recent tests, sure to procure you your desired success in your job test.

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ASCON Aptitude Test Prep pack 2024

ASCON Aptitude Test Prep questions and Answers come with an ebook containing test questions and also online practice access, where you can practice ASCON test questions on the go.

About ASCON  

The Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) is a degree-awarding institution located at Topo, a town in Badagry, Lagos State, southwestern Nigeria. The college was founded in 1973 by the Federal Government of Nigeria in the Military era as a management development institution for training staff of the civil service.

About ASCON Recruitment:

ASCON (Administrative Staff College of Nigeria) beckons, offering you an extraordinary chance to unlock your true potential and embark on a fulfilling and rewarding career journey. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to nurturing top-tier professionals, ASCON stands as a beacon of opportunity for individuals like you seeking to make a real impact in the public service sector.

Why ASCON Recruitment is Your Gateway to Success

  1. A Storied Legacy of Excellence: For decades, ASCON has been at the forefront of shaping the Nigerian public service through transformative training and development initiatives. By becoming part of the ASCON family, you inherit a legacy of excellence that is highly regarded and respected across the nation.
  2. A Diverse Range of Career Pathways: ASCON opens doors to a myriad of career paths across diverse fields and sectors. Whether you envision yourself as an administrator, analyst, educator, or researcher, ASCON offers a kaleidoscope of opportunities to match your aspirations.
  3. Nurturing a Culture of Lifelong Learning: ASCON is not just an organization; it’s a hub for continuous learning and growth. Here, you’ll be immersed in an environment that encourages curiosity and nurtures the hunger for knowledge, enabling you to evolve both personally and professionally.
  4. Impactful Work with National Significance: At ASCON, your work transcends beyond individual accomplishments. Joining the ranks means contributing to the advancement and transformation of the Nigerian public service, making a tangible difference in the lives of citizens.
  5. A Collaborative and Supportive Work Environment: Embrace a culture of camaraderie and collaboration, where your contributions are recognized, and your ideas are valued. ASCON fosters an inclusive and supportive work environment that propels you to thrive and excel.

ASCON’s Hiring Process

The breakdown below explains the basic steps:

  • Application: Applicants apply online.
  • Online Test: You may be required to take an online test. If you are successful, you could be invited for a computer-based test or be scheduled for an interview
  • Interview: You will have an onsite interview with the professional manager.
  • Assessment Centre: You will be invited for an assessment day. During this day, there might be interviews, tests, and group activities such as discussion, presentation, and acting out scenarios. The Assessment Centre helps in getting a more accurate perspective of you as a candidate, and if you make a good fit for the company and the relevant position.

ASCON’s Aptitude Tests

The assessments you will be asked to take depend on the role you want, and could be:

  • Mathematics: Calculation tests, and/or questions about facts and figures, that assess your quantitative abilities.
  • English: Evaluates your grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension, with a given text that you will analyze, and will be asked questions about.
  • Logical: Non-verbal and/ or verbal tests, that assess your information evaluation and attention to details.

Sample For ASCON Past Questions And Answers


The sum of 15% of a positive number and 20% of the same number is 126.What is one-third of that number?
A. 360
B. 1080
c. 120
D. 40
E. None of these
Let the number = x
According to the question
(15/100) x x + (20/100) = 126
(35/100) x x = 126
35 360
We want to find out x/3 x/3 = 360/3 = 120
So answer is 120.

2. If 70% of a no. is subtracted from itself it reduces to 81.what is two fifth of that no.?
A. 88
B. 91
c. 108
D. 116
E. None of these
Let the number be m.
Then m -70 0/0 of m = 81
— m – 70/100 m = 81
* m – 0.7m = 81
0.3m = 81
= 81/0.3
Now, we need to find 2m/5
= 2 x 270 / 5
= 2 x 54
= 108

3. What will come in place of question mark in the following equation?
– 1936248 = 1635773
A. 3572021
B. 3572031
c. 3572028
D. 3572061
E. None of these
Given, ? – 1936248 = 1635773
= 1936248 + 1635773
= 3572021

4. Evaluate :
986 237 + 986 863
A. 104600
B. 1084800
c. 986000
D. 986860
E. None of these
We are given 986 x 237 + 986 x 863
Hence taking 986 common We have 986 (237 + 863)
= 986 1100
= 1084600

5. A two digit number is 4 times to its sum of digits, when 9 is added to the number, the digits will get reversed. Then what is that number?
A. 21
B. 12
c. 36
D. 42
E. None of these
Let the number = yx
So, unit place digit of two digit number = x 10th place digit of two digit number = y
So number formed by these digits = 10y + x
By reversing digits we get a number = 10x + y
According to the question
IOy + x + 9 = + y
By put and trial method we get x = 2, y = 1
So the number is = (10 x 1) 12
And given condition two digit number is 4 times to its sum of digits
12 = 4 x (1+2) = 12 satisfied


1. Not only her parents ________ her class teacher ________ proud of her results.
(A) but also, was
(B) but also, were
(C) and also, was
(D) and also, were
Answer: (A)

2. Yesterday I got a call from my old friend, and he ________ me the whole story.
(A) tell
(B) tells
(C) told
(D) telling
Answer: (C)

3. Maldives is a country ________ thousands of islands, and it is ________ most dispersed country.
(A) made of, a
(B) made of, the
(C) made up of, a
(D) made up of, the
Answer: (D)

4. You need to write your mobile number, while home address is ________.
(A) option
(B) options
(C) optional
(D) optionals
Answer: (C)

5. The problem is not _______ to one of internal.
(A) reduce
(B) reducible
(C) reliable
(D) reduction
Answer: (B)

Ascentech’s Interview Questions

During the interview, the questions below might be asked. Therefore, prepare good answers in advance.

  • Walk me through your CV.
  • Which qualities make you a prime candidate for this role?
  • What do you know about the ASCON in particular?
  • What would your previous bosses say about you?

Disclaimer: ASCON is NOT affiliated with MyJobtests or this website.

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