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Access Bank Past Questions and Answers – Your Gateway to Success!

Supercharge your preparation for the Access Bank recruitment process with our dynamic E-book and Online package. This comprehensive resource is meticulously designed to provide you with an edge, offering realistic simulations, detailed solutions, and the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere.


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Unlock Success with Access Bank Past Questions and Answers (E-book + Online)!

Elevate your preparation for the Access Bank recruitment process with our comprehensive Access Bank Past Questions and Answers package, available as an E-book and Online access. This powerful resource is your key to mastering the intricacies of the Access Bank assessments and securing your position in this esteemed financial institution.

Key Features of Our Access Bank Pack:

  1. Complete Previous Exam Coverage: Our Access Bank Past Questions and Answers provide an in-depth review of all format and question types, ensuring you are well-prepared for the full spectrum of the recruitment process.
  2. Accessible Anywhere, Anytime: Enjoy the flexibility of studying with our E-book format and online access. Prepare at your convenience, whether you’re at home, on the go, or during breaks.
  3. Realistic Exam Simulation: Immerse yourself in the actual exam environment with our realistic question simulations. Gain confidence by practicing with questions that mirror the format and difficulty level of the Access Bank assessments.
  4. Comprehensive Solutions: Every question is accompanied by detailed solutions, enabling you to understand the logic and methodology behind each answer. Enhance your problem-solving skills and approach the exam with confidence.
  5. Interactive Online Platform: Benefit from our user-friendly online platform that offers seamless navigation and interactive features. Track your progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and optimize your study plan for maximum effectiveness.

Access Bank Aptitude test format

The latest questions update included on our Access Bank Job Aptitude test past questions study pack comprises of 2 key stages of the tests.

Stage 1: Online test

General Knowledge

Stage 2: Physical test

Quantitative / Numerical reasoning
Verbal reasoning
Integrity test
Personality test

For 2024 recruitment, Access bank will be likely conducting its Online test via the “Test Assesify” platform, which will deploy the assessments online or at their various offices nationwide.


Quantitative Reasoning

1. Dan had an average of 72 on his first four math tests. After taking the next test, his average dropped to 70. Which of the following is his most recent test grade?
A. 60
B. 62
C. 64
D. 66
E. 68

The correct answer is B.

[4(72) + x] / 5 = 70
Simplifying that expression, x= 62.

2. What is the average of the first 15 positive integers?
A 7
B 7.5
C 8
D 8.5
E 9

The correct answer is C.

Positive integers begin with 1. The first 15 positive integers are:
(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15) / 15 = 8.

3. David had d dollars. After a shopping trip, he returned with c cents. How many cents did he spend?
A d – c
B c – d
C 100d – c
D 100c – d
E d – 100c

The correct answer is C.

Since the Answer is to be in cents, change the dollars to cents by multiplying it by 100 and subtract from that the c cents he spent.

4. A certain copy machine produces 13 copies every 10 seconds. If the machine operates without interruption, how many copies will it produce in an hour?
A 78
B 468
C 1800
D 2808
E 4680

The correct answer is E.

The question stem gives information about copies per 10 seconds, but you must answer in terms of copies per hour.
To solve the problem, first convert copies per 10 seconds to copies per minute.
This can be done with a proportion:
13 copies / 10 seconds = x copies / 60 seconds
Solve by cross-multiplication: 13 × 60 = 10x
Solve for x:
x = 78
The correct answer, however, is not 78. A machine that produces 78 copies per minute produces 60 times that in an hour: 60 × 78 = 4680.

5. A suit marked at $80 is sold for $68. What is the rate of discount?
A 15%
B 12%
C 17 11/17%
D 20%
E 24%

The correct answer is A.

The amount of discount is $12. Rate of discount is figured on the original price.

Verbal Reasoning

Choose the word or phrase which is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capitals.

A. loathe
B. despise
C. adore
D. abhor
E. attach

The correct answer is C.

A. servile
B. first
C. fawning
D. supercilious
E. imprope

The correct answer is D.

A. not resonant
B. not reddish
C. not eager
D. pompous
E. lou

The correct answer is A.

Each of the questions below consists of two words that have a certain relationship to each other, followed by five lettered pairs of related words. Select the lettered pair of words.

A. area: square inch
B. milk: quart
C. society: classes
D. letter: alphabet
E. time: minutes

The correct answer is A.

A. knowledge: supposed
B. financial: bankrupt
C. immature: callow
D. credible: incredible
E. careful: punishing

The correct answer is B.

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